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Our Mission

At Tera our mission is to prevent and remove one teraton of CO2 by capturing and transforming emissions into sustainable commodities. Our technology stops CO2 entering the atmosphere and helps carbon-intensive industries lower their emissions.

Our Story

Tera was founded with the objective of solving one of the worlds most difficult problems - global warming caused by anthropogenic CO2 emissions also known as climate change. Progress on tackling this has been slow. Through considerable effort by the research community pathways have been identified that if implemented at a global scale may be able to solve climate change. However, commercialisation of the technology faces several challenges towards implementation in the free market. The main barrier is that the current environment does not place enough emphasis on sustainable practices. New policy is required to drive best practices regarding CO2 sequestration. The other component of the problem is at scale manufacturing and implementation of technology that can prevent CO2 being released to atmosphere.

The team at Tera have identified this dual problem and are working to provide solutions to both components. We are passionate about implementing technology that will achieve the goal of sustaining our society while minimising environmental harm so that the future of humanity becomes more secure. We achieve this through a verification system: CO2 emissions that are prevented by our carbon capture technology are logged and companies are rewarded for reducing their emissions. 

The team at Tera comprises of a number of industry experts and is part of a larger ecosystem throughout Australia which has a strong focus on implementing solutions to achieve decarbonisation. 

Our Founders have a background in chemical engineering and data science. The wider team is multi-disciplinary and includes financial and legal expertise. We have strong ties with the mining sector, the startup ecosystem, and world renowned researchers.

Experienced Leadership

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