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The New Standard for Emissions Reduction

Scope-3 CDR Technology

Turn Your Exhaust Streams Into Revenue Streams

We track your business emissions and offer solutions to reduce them, including emissions monitoring for carbon credit rebate collection, and gas treatment solutions that convert captured CO2 into value-add chemicals.

Cloud Analytics 

We provide real-time data visualisation of our modules impact on your emissions.

Versatility in Application

Our modules are highly robust and well suited to a variety of flue gas compositions. If your gas exhaust stream contains < 7% vol. CO2 we can provide solutions including the removal of harmful contaminants.

Data Science Acceleration

We provide data driven recommendations for accelerated decarbonisation

Full Support Service

Reach out to our experienced team for any concerns or questions about our service.  

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

The Tera module is one of the first carbon-negative processes, offering the capability to sequester CO2 at a competitive market price.


The developed method effectively addresses industrial off-gas emissions.

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Businesses Decarbonisation?

Our service allows for rapid decarbonisation of industry supply chains. 

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