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Dive Into the New Age of  Carbon Capture & Repurposing

Our Services

Modern Cloud Analytics 

We provide real-time data visualisation of our modules impact on your emissions.

Data Science Acceleration

We recommend actions for accelerated decarbonisation provided by our monitoring system.  

Versatility in Application

Our modules are highly robust and well suited to a variety of flue gas compositions if your gas exhaust stream contains < 7% vol. CO2 we can provide solutions including the removal of harmful contaminants.

Full Customer Experience Service

At Tera we pride ourselves on our customer service. If there are any issues we are always available for a discussion and to find ways to improve our service. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our carbon capture system seamlessly integrates into your industrial process with a simple installation and third-party service agreement. Our experienced operators take care of the rest. Our module, which forms the basis of the data service, provides insights on how to minimize emissions with zero parasitic energy losses and no additional operational costs. The module converts CO2 from flue gas into sustainable products and tracks emissions reductions, generating valuable carbon credits.

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